Getting Out of Bed – Written Tuesday 25th February 1997 (Aged 22)

Getting Out of Bed

getting out of bed
ten in the morning
and i cannot stop the pain in my head
i cannot remember the night before
i cannot remember much any more
it is either five in the afternoon,
or the bus is late
yet someone says it is coming soon

getting out of bed
it is hard when you are still asleep
you can find the floor
but you cannot find your feet
you crawl to the bath
it is the only way to wake up
but you end up falling asleep instead
get a bit to eat
it might cure the pain in my head

getting out of bed
you are not sure if it is real
whether you are alive or dead
if you can ever feel
it is, ‘sometime’ in the morning
cats have to be fed
i turn over,
i wish i could stay in bed

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