Child Like Rhyme – Written Thursday 13th July 2006 (Aged 31)

Child Like Rhyme

there is a childlike rhyme
dancing on your fingertips
and a knife up your sleeve
we will all be held to ransom
by the madness you believe
we will be cast into hell
likes those who dared to leave
there is illness in your drapes
and your windows need a clean
you could swear the truth
yet it is something you have rarely seen
there is childlike rhyme
forming like foam in your head
passion gets lost with fashion
and compassion is tied to the bed
the people you meet
in a church built from pity
are happy to take a seat
or stumble around your city
but those buildings…
the secrets and darkness they hide
all you can hope
is that they never really look inside

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James Garratt – Thursday 13th July 2006

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