Alcohol – Written Thursday 19th August 1999 (Aged 24)


alcohol has been my fuel
it has flooded my brain
been the emotional vehicle
and driven me half insane
alcohol has been a demon friend
encased in shapley glass
it has beckoned me,
when i have tried to pass
alcohol has been drunk
in its strange liquid form
it has made some want to die
it has made me so upset
it has fallen as tears from my eyes
it has stolen my dignity and respect
it has stolen so much time
it has been so weird,
sometimes it has been sublime
but it has never been a best friend
it would never be my counselor
i have wounds but it will not tend
it is often vile and often it reeks
alcohol has always been there…
but i know of its true deceit

James Garratt – Thursday 19th August 1999

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I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

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