Cinderella’s Other Shoe – Written Tuesday 26th January 2021 (Aged 45)

Cinderella’s Other Shoe

i have to admit
i am not really the hero type
tales of my resilience
in reality, feel like hype
I had to, that’s all, i had to…
not so much, i wanted to
i was always drinking my dreams
from cinderella’s other shoe
and then,
there was me and you
love works hard for its toil
and any time off in lieu
love plays hard
just so it can soak up the view
and here i am,
with my old time bags
still trying to unscrew the relationship
of my recently departed dad
my touch is heavy
and not always as it should be
something doused in natural light
and they say, well you just keep going
as i said, i know it is only hype
my moral compass has its place
and i try to do what is right
you know, all of us,
it is these myths that we try to make right
building temples
dedicating them to the way we feel

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