People Say, Be Kind – Written Friday 20th March 2020 (Aged 45)

People Say, Be Kind

people say, be kind
to avoid,
dealing with, ‘things’
avoidance is key
and there is a pleasure it brings
they use, ‘be kind’
to avoid discussion
and any healthy debate
is an unhelpful argument

people say, be kind
they do not want to challenge
all challenge is deemed too intense
emotional avoidance
sign posts them to the path of least resistance
it is, just an excuse
circles instead of triangles
where the angels are less obtuse

people say, be kind
because they want –
to avoid any kind of conflict
or even confrontation
when are they going to stand up for what is right
is there a particular situation
which would grant their personality –
and a strong, vibrant, instant visitation

James Garratt – Friday 20th March 2020

James Garratt – March 2020

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