They Are Not Heroes – Written Wednesday 25th March 2020 (Aged 45)

They Are Not Heroes

will the prime minister
and this government,
still be heroes,
when we reach the other side
and when you realise
what rights have been stolen
will it be, ‘blitz spirit’
or just the blitz less golden
we militarise these events,
play soldiers
pretending it is all churchillian

will the prime minister
and this government
still be heroes
when this crisis comes back down
and we count up how many zeroes
do you believe,
we should,
never rock that apple cart
do you believe,
they have your best interests in their heart
this sly fox of a government
will turn over your rubbish bins
and they will gorge on your fear
to ensure their personal gain

this prime minister
is no hero,
he is the complete sewer rat
he did rather well at his push school
i am certain we will come to realise this
when we look back
and realise we were taken for fools

James Garratt – March 2020

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