Ink Stain to Innocence – Written Saturday 28th June 2008 (Aged 33)

Ink Stain to Innocence

the tragedy of you
is not what you believe
but the fact,
you believe it
that life, for whatever reason
was pushed to a point
where you are left so hurt
that extreme views become the norm
and start to work
it impacts all those around you
including the children
who have no choice in it
and love with such unconditional love
not darkened or sullied by life
yet, there you are and your views,
as dark and self destroying as they are
suddenly became theirs
that is the tragedy of you
you give an ink stain to innocence
just to suit yourself
to answer your own need,
you sacrifice others and that is true
ink stain to innocence,
the tragedy of you

James Garratt – Saturday 28th June 2008

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