Reading a Book – Written Sometime Between 2006 and 2010

Reading a Book

i turn the pages of the book
i want to be inside
away from all this
choosing to be on my own
choosing to be alone
i read the paper that came today
i put it down,
get up and put some music on
go back to reading,
and the music fades away
as i engrossed,
i get some hunger pains
make a sandwich,
almost made some toast
but the marmalade has all gone
so i take my sandwich,
back to the living room
and i just carry on
i am all alone tonight
no ne i can call company
and for once i am happy
appreciating my space
i can do what i want
just sit here reading a book
the only thing the book takes
is the time it took
sleep gently now
with memories of the book

James Garratt

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