Claim to Care (Originally Untitled) – Written Wednesday 11th January 2006

Claim to Care

i watched,
as people claimed to care
watched them sneer –
at the disabled
pretend they have a heart of gold
but in truth, they are not able
they long to join in
they long to portray an image
but they lack the capacity of feeling
it is just a mirage
i have watched,
as they have infiltrated groups
acted out a scene
and jumped through hoops
but the contempt,
well, it is never far away
the vomit is only held back
by the lies they say
secretly disgusted
just want the vote
not to be trusted
i have watched,
as people sneer
but pretend they are full of care
when in truth they do not want to share

James Garratt – Wednesday 11th January 2006

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