When Will You Come Home? – Written Friday 4th June 2020 (Aged 45)

When Will You Come Home?

drinking again…
with the scene paused
on a mythical past –
that is lost to time
and poorly recorded memories
you seem to have touched down
broken and without hope
when the tyres caught the runway
you must have inhaled your own smoke
we can all miss days
that did not really exist
people we treated with indifference
are suddenly the ones we miss
i can hear the wine
as it is poured into the glass
the past is not made of cork
it is made of, what if, what we did’,
and a thousand words never sought
what would have happened
maybe if we had seen out our twenties
maybe i f we had kept in touch
maybe your broken heart would have –
not become a barn find
waiting to be restored by hope and luck
maybe i am being harsh
but i know how you suffered
i know how your parents pulled you apart
still love you, still in my bones
drinking again…
what is that feels so alone
when will you comee back home?

James Garratt – June 4th 2020

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