Paranormal People (Originally Untitled) – Written early 1993 (Aged 17/18)

Paranormal People

paranormal people
in my head
asking me what it is like to be still alive
me asking them, what is it like to be dead?
no longer worrying,
if you are going to survive
paranormal people
run through solid walls
laughing at all the materialistic fools
and societies rules
nothing but trash
life is like a runaway train
you know one day that it is going to crash
always chasing the person behind
always trying to find i do not know what
paranormal people
sitting in my chair
but people just say, there is nothing there
but to me they are there as clear as day
you know, sometimes, it is just not fair
i know that the paranormal people are there

James Garratt – 1993

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