The Marc Bolan Poem (Originally Untitled) – Written early 1993 (Aged 17/18)

The Marc Bolan Poem

every night the tape goes on and on
i watch the reels
the song is the same but even after all this time,
it still feels special
you stood up for what you believed in
you demanded your space
if half the people in this world did the same
it would surely be a better place
when i was a child,
i never knew what i wanted to do
unlike you
inspiration for generations
people put you down now you are not around
even though i know you are somewhere
rocking on, with a psychic made guitar
and i am sure that one day we will join you there
just like you said,
you were not crazy in the head
you had things to say
and you did
you sang gently,
you did not shout
it is a tragic shame
that no one will ever work them out
but i will listen again and again
i want to know what you were about
one day we all grow
it is so strange
and did you not know
you played the fame game
and in a way you paid the price
but who cares anyway you lived your days to the most
now you are a memory
just a ghost
but every night the music goes on and on
i wonder if you will come along
and be my host

James Garratt – 1993

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