I Call You Friend (Originally Untitled) – Written early 1993 (Aged 17/18)

I Call You Friend

i call you friend?
but what do you call me?
i am walking,
talking with people i meet
then you pull the leash
and expect to heel at your feet
and i still call you friend
tender fender, wing of a car
strange things
that is what you are
just as the day begins
you think you have the power
and if i want to spend an hour –
talking with you
then is you say the word –
i will spend the hour
but times does not mean a thing
if when we talk
my imagination
would rather walk
i call you friend
but you do not have any message to send
what do you call me?
a serious comic with a face or tragedy
really lonely,
well i am telling you, i am getting by
and i were you,
i might look at myself and start to cry
take a look inside
what do you see?
does it frighten you
to realise that you are no better than me
but still i call you friend
but what do you call me?

James Garratt – 1993

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