I Do Not Comply (Originally Untitled) – Written January 2013 (Aged 37)

I Do Not Comply

a label, a comment, a word –
has to be dealt with
you cannot impart it, give it, pass it –
and expect no reaction
but people do…
they pick up your palette
and turn all the colours blue
they show you the night
and suggest it is a sunny view
memories of me?
i never knew you
and one day they will see
and then, what will you do?
i realise an element of control
the insecure, low self esteem, bubbling anger –
is the compliance of others
but i do not comply
i am not part of the world –
constructed from balsa wood
whose beams do dream but seem sad
and they never look that good
as over time, they begin to sag
i do not beg, accept, just say yes
i fight back,
and for some that is a test
they try a different tack
but it is in people they need to invest

James Garratt – January 2013

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