You Do Not See Me For Now (Originally Untitled) – Written November 2016 (Aged 41)

You Do Not See Me For Now

i held onto you
but then i realised
it was my seventeen year old self
my eighteen, nineteen
and even twenty year old self
that had hung onto you
and that letting go –
was not so bad in that way
i was quite sad
but in these intervening years
i was not the person i was
you paid me compliments
i would have expected –
all those years ago
you did not acknowledge
those intervening years
or my joy, or my life
or my anything…
i care for you, always have, alway will
you shaped so much of those years
when it was difficult
when i did not know what to do
but you are still you
you do not see me for now
just what i was then

James Garratt – November 2016

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