Boatyard (Originally Untitled) – Written Friday 27th January 2017 (Aged 41)


at the boatyard
you want to build a boat
one with a reasonable chance
one that will alway float
but none of us at the boatyard
buy the joke,
out the in the public houses
the beer is on tap
but they just pull spouses
who spend their life,
collecting the rain
fram abandoned school gates
tell me, does your mother –
suck on a boiled sweet
whilst your father digs your fate
it may be best to find some feet
and glue down the soles
with some gumption
bogus simplicity.
parents are up for some consumption
i am only one step away from the world –
that they find –
in such disarray
and down the the boatyard
we will always go that extra mile
they just argue about yards

James Garratt – Friday 27th January 2017

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