Pursed Lips Wear Thin (Originally Untitled) – Written Thursday 12th January 2017 (Aged 41)

Pursed Lips Wear Thin

progressive politics –
has not ruined your life
from your fevered keyboard
i see you write
from the health care –
provided free of charge
the liberals –
are not the enemy at large
from the job you do
to the trade union
that will happily support you
progressive politics –
has not failed
from reasonable working hours
to comfortable living
progressive politics for you
has in fact, being all giving
but now,
others must wait
they deserve, according to you –
less on their plate
you have gorged happily
but they must have a different fate
they do not share your values –
religion or colour of skin
so you cling to your non compassion
until your pursed lips wear thin
progressive politics –
have rewarded you well
could you offer a hand though
to those who have struggled or just fell

James Garratt – Thursday 12th January 2017

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