Another Average Man (Originally Untitled) – Written January 2017 (Aged 41)

Another Average Man

another average man
tells women, just how it is
even i am amazed
and i have never wanted to be a feminist
i do not like the heights
and there are too many cliffs
another average man
tells us, racism does not exist
even i am amazed
so amazed, i changed my shift
i changed my stance
another average man
shouts and spits at me
uses language they have learned
wearing out those keyboard keys
i can smell their insecurity
and i can see that they are knock kneed
and i notice that their childhood
has a recurring bleed
another average man
tells me, just how it is
and how my liberal views
are just another thing to be mocked
even i am amazed
and i have rarely joined all the dots
i hate the hunt,
we are all just that fox
so fight them all the way
too many average men, we must make it stop

James Garratt – January 2017

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