White Fragility – Written Saturday 27th June 2020 (Aged 45)

White Fragility

white fragility
—– flies banners
———- above football stadiums
————— it does not know why it is wrong
——————– still some of the fans
————————- know the tune and sing along

white fragility
—– says all lives matter
———- the understanding lost
—————that often,
——————– black lives have not

white fragility
—– demands not to take down statues
———- it will make the past whither
—————in that case
——————– they need to drag them out of the rivers

white fragility
—– pretends the colonial past
———- did not exist
————— that slave ships never actually sailed
——————– that the empire was only ever good
————————- that the colonial past never failed

white fragility
—– sits down to read the daily mail
———- hoping our government
————— will wear tall top hats and long tails

white fragility
—– has politicised the poppy
———- people wear upon their chest
————— it confuses history
——————– with something much more circumspect

white fragility
—– it does not read truthful books
———- and it is pasty white
————— it is stoked by ignorance
——————– and colour biased sight

white fragility
—– confuses white history
———- with false patriotism
————— it makes no inroads into acceptance
——————– and it treats education as criticism

white fragility
—– is stuck in a stinking trench
———- it refuses to learn or even listen
————— it is always on the defence
——————– white fragility
————————- stained as it is on our national conscience

James Garratt – Saturday 27th June 2020

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