Steamboat (Originally Untitled) – Written Monday 27th February 2017 (Aged 42)


it is ego and stubbornness
that has dragged me along
personality disorders
mental health
a refusal to accept
all these things have dragged me to here
i am not ambitious
it is just,
the sting of the malicious
and a refusal
to accept my pre-defined plot
i haul along my historic case
it is blind concentration
that has dragged me here
i spent being young, longing to do well
middle age though hs me longing for quiet
and a please, please, please do not tell
genius is just madness
just in a more acceptable guise
they made train tracks of my dreams
broken bits that i cannot know
genius is just a form of madness
a way to push forwards
when the steamboat rides on the sadness

James Garratt – Monday 27th February 2017

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