The Pretence of the Pretend (Originally Untitled) – Written Friday 24th February 2017 (Aged 41)

The Pretence of the Pretend

i will be whatever colour or gender
that i need to be
i will listen to, ‘art house jazz’
and write my own social media story
i will reinvent who i am
and how i dress
i will erase my mistakes
and set the scene
i will manage my own lighting
and talk in art house dreams
i will add another generic partner
to my social media wall
i will constantly update you
about my children
reaffirming, look at what i have done
i will name drop and never pick them up
i will be political and satirical
but i will never tell you who i am
the past will be airbrushed
with the words i choose
i will be broken and seeking comfort
and ignore the fact i always get used
i will be whatever i feel best
none are real in this internet world
however, you can post and contest

James Garratt – Friday 24th February 2017

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