Emotional Holes – Written Thursday 2nd July 2020 (Aged 45)

Emotional Holes

it is not pressure, it is singularity
the convergence of events
to, just one event
and it is that,
that becomes so anxiety provoking
i have never reached
to such need
it makes me sink
and causes my self esteem to bleed
such high standards
come with such downward lows
and as a human being, like us all
i am full of emotional holes
and i can feel my breath catch
as if every gulp,
is not quite on the latch
here i am, i curse myself
and i constantly look back
in that way i do,
and i feel the weight of anxiety
as i wait,
i feel a tap, tap, tap on my shoulder
and i wonder if it is fate
the one i do not like,
it feels like i am under one rule
and that there is only one option
or perhaps in reality, i am just a fool

james Garratt – Thursday 2nd July 2020

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