Tense – Written Thursday 2nd July 2020 (Aged 45)


i feel tense
i can tell –
my creativity feels unspent
i can tell –
because all my nervous energy –
looks twisted and bent
i can tell –
torrential thoughts will not relent
i can tell –
because i catch my emotions with both hands
and good intent
i feel tense –
my eyes looks out
even though i feel such suspense
my stability stabilisers fail to stabilise
and they fail to present
i wobble precariously down the road
i try to do it on my own
i feel tense –
because anxiety will not leave me alone
i can tell –
because my mind is dressed up and ready to roam
i feel tense –
because i am nervous and ultimately well meant
my hope, suddenly it is so easily lent
i feel so tense…

James Garratt – Thursday 2nd July 2020

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