Age and Decay – Written Monday 30th October 2006 (Aged 31)

Age and Decay

we age and decay so quickly
forced to hold onto a youth
that never really loved us anyway
everyone has got mortgages
got married and with a child on the way
there is renewed optimism
if only we could see the way
we age and change so quickly
never noticing the ground beneath our feet
forgetting the names of those we loved
and those we used to meet
clinging to a past
that never really loved us anyway
we hunt down and then we stalk
those lost or stolen days
where we used to take a nervous walk
we age an decay so quickly
mortgages and babies fill our eyes
as we take on extra responsibility
we look at the past,
only as a misty eyed reality

James Garratt – Monday 20th October 2006

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