Conflict or War? – Written November 2006 (Aged 31)

Conflict or War

is this a conflict or a war
no one seems to know anymore
remembrance sunday has a new turn
a painful tear jerking reminder
that somehow, we just never learn
fighting for king and country
and these years just the queen
imperialism tries a bid for some fashion
what does it all mean?
when it all lacks such compassion
the sound of the bugle rings our
for the lost and the dead
the government says conflict
but we say war instead
and what will it all achieve
if there are to be future years
when occupying forces leave
when donald rumsfeld has finally walked
looking more like donald duck
the world has been vandalised
by his sinister touch
is this a conflict or a war
it is a bloody disgrace, that is for sure

James Garratt – November 2006

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