Some People Love Me – Written Tuesday 21st November 2006 (aged 31)

Some People Love Me

some people love me
some cannot stand the taste
some want to make a cross
most know this talent has gone to waste
just like my ambition of being an astronaut –
went up into space!

some people hate me
and think they know the truth
they stage a one person protest
from the top of their lonely roofs
but no one listens as their dew drops –
fail to glisten

some people want me
some people even want my jokes
they know childhood means being pragmatic
and that we still put cardboard in our spokes
some people know happiness is contextual
and that we all need to hope

some people think too much
some people think they are cleverer than me
in fact many are
but just as many that never really get that far
they believe in their dreams
but they can never really reach the upper jars

some people have hurt me
and refused to acknowledge the act
some people have refused to stand up and be counted
and instead tried to ignore then own facts
but a mountain and shame is still insomounted
and some people still love me

James Garratt – Tuesday 21st November 2006

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