Something to Believe In – Written April 2002 (Aged 27)

Something to Believe In

don’t believe in magic
rarely believe in the truth
don’t believe politicians
or the holy roof
don’t believe in family
at least not the family tree
struggle to find a footing
struggle to find reality
don’t believe in redemption
don’t believe in saviours
often fall to some temptation
especially failure like behaviours

don’t believe in the strange
can rarely handle the insane
don’t believe in society
it is just a wicked game
don’t believe in politicians
they are animals not yet tamed
don’t believe in, ‘i do’
that vows that people make
but there is always more
and it is that which they break
but then there is you,
and always you
something i can believe in
and something which feels true

James Garratt – April 2002

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