A Meaningful Reward Card – Written April 2015 (Aged 40)

A Meaningful Reward Card

this is how we communicate
designs –
on a greek themed plate
pilates for the mind
worlds with heavy weights
i am told
by the world
what i should think
and what i should feel
just as the truth is falling apart
because falling apart is unwell
but we suck it all in
buy houses and coats
we build up lives
that we hope will float
husbands and wives
like castles with their moats
small holdings with an outhouse
feeding dreams to a billy goat
we have suffered –
only because in our hearts
the steady diet of aspiration
has never been –
offered with a meaningful reward card
that is the truth for you jigsaw people
who are, in reality, falling apart
so long on talking, so short on heart

James Garratt – April 2015

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