The System is Bust – Written April 2015 (Aged 40)

The System is Bust

people are only –
part time revolutionaries
just a kick –
every now and then
you know, it feels kind of right
to be occasionally, ‘left’
social media –
offers a bucket of lazy slops
facts –
in a brightly painted box
it shows power to the people
even if you are sat there eating ice cream
wearing your favourite socks
we are angry –
but anger needs a channel
and despite the right being so dirty
the dispossessed suckle on mother’s flannel
my broken windows
my falling spires
my poor unfulfilled life
well, someone else must be to blame
turning blighty into just blight
the system is bust
like those charity boxes
you saw as a child
all we can do is eat the cream cakes
and try to ignore the flies

James Garratt – April 2015

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