The Hardest Truth – Written June 2015 (Aged 40)

The Hardest Truth

you are not here
and perhaps the hardest truth
is that you are always in our thoughts
because life does go on
it is not that you are not with me
or that i have forgotten you
but i am not afraid to let life take over
i am not guilty
that any given few days
will drag my thoughts away
and tears occasionally appear
photographs remain compelling
but life is about the living
there is no shrine, no tribute or monument
you were there
and now, albeit. sadly, you are not
hardly forgotten and never forgot
you are not here
and there is a startling truth
that life is ruthless and it carries on
even when grief is the hardest commute
but life keeps happening
and perhaps, that is the hardest truth

James Garratt – June 2015

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