Trying to Join the Dots – Written Monday 8th June 2015 (Aged 40)

Trying to Join the Dots

in the cold light of day
when the truth does not stray
in the still of the night
when reality strikes
they must know who they are
the badge wearing matters,
wearing stripes
trying to join the dots
kicking pans, kicking pots
they say the right words
and sing the right hymns
but the mask slips
and often never truly fits
i hear people say
that i am considered
but the hope is never delivered
why would you watch me
and dart like a hawk
your words are stained with thoughts
that you found in the cart
and when you pull it, it just falls apart
i could not believe you
walking in gardens with an ill fitting hat
the burden of lies upon your back
your theme park brain
washed away by a deluge of pain

James Garratt – Monday 8th June 2015

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