Holding It Together – Written Tuesday 16th March 2004 (Aged 29)

Holding It Together

i am trying to hold
these things together
but i am falling apart
everyone wants a piece
and a good piece at that
but i am running out
of pieces to give

i am submersed,
and finding it hard to live
i’ve got sweet devotion
playing away on a guilt trip
and my sweet future
is trying for something better
as i hope
that i will realise one tenth
of what i could be
but first she will have to wash
the artificial light out of me

i have got a job
where my role
is cleric to the devils aide
i tired to crawl out of here
but the picture started to fade
and all i do now
is apologise for the way i was made

James Garratt – Tuesday 16th March 2004

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