A Herd of Scapegoats – Written October 2020 (Aged 45)

A Herd of Scapegoats

they blame everyone else
but themselves
but there is nobody else
however the burden of responsibility
quickly sinks the self
there will always be a herd –
of scapegoats
everyone else dragged them here
but in reality, there is no one near
everything they read
reassures them that others –
are always to blame
it could be religion, colour of someone’s skin
or gender,
however it is never them
privilege to them is a right
there is no self responsibility
accountability can never be found
the rage and anger will boil
because the blame lies elsewhere
it is too much to bear
the weight of life decisions
the capacity to hold true to outcomes
to accept the gulf –
between privilege never recognised
and the reality of self responsibility –
which continues to gnaw at the inside

James Garratt – October 2020

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