Parents Die – Written Monday 19th October 2020 (Aged 45)

Parents Die

you never think,
one day my parents will die
and that,
i will see them dead
i think back,
to being about nine or ten
and it is like my parents are stuck
being thirty or forty somethings
and i think back to the small child
that i once was
and i think,
i did not realise that one day
i will see both of my parents die
and i will see them dead
sometimes it feels like
that is the only true fate
of the relationship
that you have with your parents
it is true, you grow up
and one day you witness their death
like me,
you find yourself caught around a hospital bed
counting all those final breaths
if it think back to being small
how did i not know,
that it would always come down to that
yet why did it never really occur to me
when it is such an obvious fact

James Garratt – Monday 19th October 2020

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