If Love Was Like a Glass of Water – Written February 2010 (Aged 34)

If Love Was Like a Glass Water

if love –
was like a glass of water
then surely i am a slave
and to a wishing well, i was a walker
if love –
was just words, the i would be talker
if feelings
were the merry-go-round
and the swings
if it was the birthday presents
then gifts i would bring
like a chocolate cake
we dream to eat
i would be a walker
with such determined feet
if love –
was the wind, rain and sleet
then i would embrace such weather
as something that makes me complete
i cannot shake the fate
that towers above me
if love –
was actually simple and then simple to see
then i would know
that it would come home to me

James Garratt – February 2010

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