Opinion is Not Fact – Written Wednesday 12th September 2012 (Aged 37)

Opinion is Not Fact

opinion is not fact,
(that is a fact)
present it as such
opinion is not evidence
unless informed
maybe as i get older
my view of bullshit
is spread between people
between organisations
i left my comic book world
of good and evil behind
shadows and non shadow
good, ‘guys’, and bad, ‘guys’
opinion is not fact,
why then,
do i hear opinions,
as a certain point of view
i am told to listen
but what can you do?
we are told that the truth will glisten
for me it is something others chew
but fail to digest
opinion is not fact
at best, it is a guess
no more
and certainly no less

James Garratt – Wednesday 12th September 2012

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