When the Fruit Turned Sour – Written Friday 2nd November 2012 (Aged 37)

When the Fruit Turned Sour

it was not my finest hour
i let the fruit in my life
become a little too sour
i let people bully me
i let raiders onto my land
and i spent too much time
wondering where i would find a hand
who knows, truly,
what damage has been done
i know talking about it
makes me take a deep breath
and try my best
to reply with a knowing intelligence
but my motives remain unclear
maybe i should be stronger
maybe you want me to shine
but this is where love faces a test
the moment,
all our little flaws avalanche
and when we are exposed
as the damaged petty,
little individuals that we can all be
it is why praise,
just feels like machine gun fire
because i am only me
and i know how damaged i am
it is probably why i let my fruit turn sour
and i looked for a helping hand
and it is probably why,
it was far from being my finest hour

James Garratt – Friday 2nd November 2012

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