Walking on a Tightrope – Written February 2021 (Aged 45)

Walking on a Tightrope

it was not that i accepted
i just came to uneasy conclusions
that the fights were not worth it
maybe that is a retreat
or some kind of surrender
but, in order to live
something has to give
i am no less conflicted
and conflict is no less restricted
and victory parades
are no more than a damp squib
but by being pragmatic
i find ways in which i can live
because, long ago,
in the days when the rules
were much less stipulated
i realised the nature of people
and how easily they were manipulated
convinced and easily rinsed
how they followed their needs
even when they junked their beliefs
but i am not perfect
and i always constantly shift
it was not that accepted
but i realised i had to find a way to live
and for that, something has to give

James Garratt – February 2021

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