Burying the Past – Written Sunday 7th April 2002 (Aged 27)

Burying the Past

picking flowers for a wreath
for the past
which is to be buried beneath –
the soles of tortured souls
and their shuffling feet
for the past, there is always a tear
and for apologies always a longing
and you know now that the solution will never be near
it is a good idea to put the letter in the coffin
at the wake, as noon breaks
there will be disjointed family and unsteady talking
just you pick your flowers
and let forgiveness do the walking
and let it try to erase some of the harm
and when it finally talks to you –
welcome it with open arms
picking flowers for a wreath
will never makes amends for the past
and there are things of which we will never speak
but you know, that hurt does not have to last
look into the future now
and let the sail flow from the tallest mast
find confidence now, break free from your previous cast

James Garratt – Sunday 7th April 2002

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