All These Different Moods – Written Wednesday 12th March 2021 (Aged 46)

All These Different Moods 

i feel slightly flat 
not sad
or hunkered down 
and cradling my depression 
just tired,
like my energy is no longer energetic 
and boundless fun,
is facing a long term recession
i have always -
weighed up the darker skies 
my scales,
always there, plain to see
but what about -
the floodplains of me 
i just wonder,
how much i actually have -
in the forty something tank 
because this one time high street 
is without its trusty savings bank 
i feel expectation.
like a rusty sabre -
in my dead wood like hands
find me here,
in this, our deep and mysterious land 
find me some energy 
find me a special place
find me some energy 
find me something special to taste 

James Garratt - Wednesday 12th March 2021 

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