Thinking You Know Everything – Written Between Tuesday 15th February 1994 and October 1994 (Aged 18/19)

Thinking You Know Everything

i am as confused
as the words i write
i am as confused today
as i will be tonight
i do know,
why i bothered
i lived in a bubble
i know, from the start
that you would be trouble
this is no love poem
there is no love,
there is only pan
and that is far too much
now that you have cut me down
you might as well –
have cut off my legs
and left me to bleed,
just bleed to death –
for all that you achieved
and like a religious fool
i believed,
i believed that it would all come true
but the end,
the end came too soon
too soon to save me –
from becoming a loon
in an innocent reality
happiness is being innocent
and innocence is a form of bliss
happiness is being so bloody childish
and happiness is not knowing a thing
but thinking you know everything

James Garratt – 1994

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