You – Written Monday 31st October 1994 (Aged 19)


i love you, you love me
but i cannot have you
we must remain the impossible dream
you know life is tough
things are not what they seem
i want you everyday
everyday i need you
without you i go insane
and i know you feel the same
all these tears i cry
knowing that what we have
must wither and die
she will die without me
and although i only care
i have got to go back to claire
i am sorry, i do love you
i loved you from the moment
i first saw you and given the choice
i would spend every minute –
of my time with you
but she is so weak
just like me, there is nothing i can do
there is no easy way out –
of this mess i have got myself into
we are the impossible dream
we almost made it
but we never quite got there
i really love you, never forget you
you showed me, who i can be
i loved every moment of being with you
now i must go and face reality
it would have worked, so sorry it hurts

James Garratt – Sunday 30th October 1994

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