All The Freaks – Written Monday 7th November 1994 (Aged 19)

All The Freaks

i could not see very far
so i had to get away
i watched –
all the freaks in the sunshine
they wanted to stay
but not at mine
i went outside, grabbed my coat
i got down to the beach
all the freaks had taken the boat
so i went back –
to where i had come from
and i kept on looking around
but in my mind, i was already gone
so i left quietly –
with my coat pulled in tight
and then, in the day, i dreamt
of waking in the night
and all the freaks came and went
but the passing of time –
it did not matter
because they never looked any different
all the freaks wanted to stay
but my house was out of bounds
and, just for today
i found myself on marshy ground
all the freaks called my name
they knew me from the past
even though i did not look the same
then, they left me at last
and i was feeling, just a little strange
all the freaks cried, were they in pain
the freaks never died,
they just seem to live, again and again
all the freak came along today
having left the depths of yesterday

James Garratt – Monday 7th November 1994

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