I Am Quiet – Written Friday 23rd April 2021 (Aged 46)

I Am Quiet

i am quiet
i like a crowd
and showing off –
is a thrill
but inside
it is not how i really feel
i am quiet
and pragmatism
has an undeniable realism
that i never want to shift
having lived surrealism
it certainly is a better fit
i am quiet,
and i prefer my own thoughts
i am not really loud
and i am self taught
i like a crowd
and showing off
is not without enjoyment
but inside
i am looking at lone deployment
i am only ever not quiet
because, at times
that is what society demands
so i have learned to hack off
some homemade charm
but in reality, i am pragmatic
i am quiet
and that nature is automatic

James Garratt – Friday 23rd April 2021

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