Salvage Yard – Written Monday 26th April 2021 (Aged 46)

Salvage Yard

at a point your life –
is either a salvage yard
a home improvement centre
or a classic bar
at a point your life –
will be anyone –
of those three
i look, i see a salvage yard
and i think, yes, yes that is me
i could be at a bar
trying to drown some sorrows
but whilst tears are often your own
sadness is something you borrow
i could be in a home improvement store
dreaming of four by two
and designer chipboard
but the lack –
of my masculine skills
hits my home hard
but when i look around
i know and i see it is a salvage yard
and every salvage yard
is identified by its treasure
and that is you, my operative –
from whom i take the greatest pleasure

James Garratt – Monday 29th April 2021

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