In Some Other Time And Place – Written Monday 14th November 2022 (Aged 47)

In Some Other Time And Place

whatever it is, i see it in your eyes
i see it,
and i see it amongst the gaps and pausing
musters strange forces
and life,
has many different phases
do you remember your yesterdays
when waterfalls and fountains
felt like,
they were always at our beck and call
it is like those un-remembered photographs
taken when you were very small
but now, we sit here,
staring at screens
and there is part of me that wants to be employed
as the cartographer to your dreams
or perhaps the carpenter
who fixes and looks after those supportive beams
but here we are, and we all go on
looking at different signs
and travelling on different roads
our time together feels so very important
especially now when it finally goes

James Garratt – Monday 14th November 2022

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  1. This says so much and there are so many great ideas being addressed in this poem. The line, “ it is like those un-remembered photographs/taken when you were very small/but now, we sit here,/staring at screens” touches me so much because I don’t have many pictures of my childhood. I have so few that the ones I found are so strange to me. I only have a faint memory of who is framed there. Your writing is impactful, James!

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