You Don’t Always Choose – Written Friday 2nd June 2000 (Aged 25)

You Don’t Always Choose

i do feel so strange
and i am in a room –
but it is like the room has no door
and it is not old,
because i have been there before
friends do worry me
but they are eager to explain
about who you will be
they worry about the pain
but sometimes, feelings are out there
and you cannot choose
so if i do get hurt –
do not see it as me getting used
because you know how i flirt
i do feel so strange
i am here on my own
and all this life is all quite surreal
of course i am still playing the joker
that is what they tell me
but in reality, it just feels like poker
and you fell for me

James Garratt – Friday 2nd June 2000

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