A Clash – Written Saturday 17th April 1999 (Aged 24)

A Clash 

our words are always clashing 
we have different kinds of wealth 
you say i am a victim of fashion 
i say you are a victim of yourself 
you say more with those eyes 
than you do with your mouth 
i am hiding behind a cheap disguise 
what is all this about 
you look at me like a roundabout 
i can see you have many things 
i can see you are desperate to change 
i look at our very own being 
and realise we are not quite the same 
our feelings are mixed up in a solution 
once that we can never find 
i have walked through many illusions 
and past so many obvious signs 
our worlds are always clashing 
if only we could get on a little better

James Garratt - Saturday 17th April 1999 

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