How Can Corruption Obtain Such High Office? – Tuesday 30th July 2019

How Can Corruption Obtain Such High Office?

how can corruption
obtain such high office
and feel so at home
when did morality and ethics
become so alone
how did the state
become such a state
how can privilege
become such a given
when did talent and hard work
become unforgiven
how can education
and a handful of schools
hold all the positions of power
and the ultimate right to rule
how did we let ourselves
get taken for fools
how can such classless people
become head of the class
because of their class
how can such
emotionally bankrupt people
earn our praise or thanks
whilst demolishing our hopes and dreams
with heavy tanks
how can corruption
so easily,
find itself in high office

James Garratt – Tuesday 30th July 2019

1 Comment

  1. Democrats,Republicans, Conservatives and Labour the ruling class don’t care as long as they divide thy neighbour!
    That is how they RULE!!


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