Passing Me By – Written Sunday 7th July 2002 (Aged 27)

Passing Me By

i got older
but it did not happen before youthful eyes
it happened gradually
it happened inside
young was only ever a state of mind
and what a state mine was
one moment, i had time to spare
now i am constantly checking my watch
i used to just drift through the days
now time, just like water
it falls through my hands and then rushes away

i got older
and i just did not notice
suddenly the days that i knew
were part of the past
and i was left facing the new
i know the cost should never be measured
because things thrown away
are just the way it is
the remnants of another day
i got older,
and i never noticed the changing of seasons
the change from so shy to a little bolder
or is it the other way round?

James Garratt – Sunday 7th July 2002

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